I don’t know where this guy has been hiding all this while…but he is definately not a very popular name in South Africa.

I came across his name and decided to check his stuff out. And my oh my! This guy , Abed Mahfouz, is sheer genius!!

Abed Mahfouz

His creations are outstanding and unique, his precision to detail, his beadwork..all result in master pieces. His speciality is bridal couture and evening dress. His work is just a breathe of fresh air from the standard designs that have been sent down the catwalk in the past years. Every single design of his makes one go ‘WOW’.

This 55 year old, lebanese designer took interest in designing at a young age and designed collections in the Middle East. In 2001, his bridal collection  ‘Al Halimah'(The Dreamer) was presented to the international audience and has been making an annual impact ever since. He was one of the first lebanese designers to present their work at the Italian Fashion Week in 2002. He currently showcases seasonal collections in Rome. He also recently launched his ready-to-wear collection at New York Fashion Week. And somehow we sense it is just the beginning for his amazing talent

Below are some of the gowns from his bridal collections. (I personally absolutely love them!!)

My Favourite dress of them all!